WILDGRACE is a movement; it’s an untaming.

Providing audiences with sacred dance transmissions of the raw, erotic and wild feminine.

Inspiring and giving permission to people to go beyond the mind to discover the wild ecstacy that comes from being fully alive and in the body. 

Birthed in Melbourne in 2018, it now has its roots throughout Australia- in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, New Zealand and will soon be moving globally. 

Dancing alongside incredible musicians and artists, at leading festivals and events as well as in public areas, inspiring and evoking passion, desire and wild, embodied and erotic ecstacy. 

The vision for WILDGRACE is to help people to remember who they are, through connecting them with the depths of feeling and pleasure that comes from letting go of control and merging with the current of nature.













Join the movement

Experience WILDGRACE by attending one of our taster immersions and retreats.

During the workshops and retreats, you learn the energetics of the body as well as experiencing the gateways to embodied, erotic ecstasy through ritual and dance.

Initiations into the work

If you are interested in joining one of our dance performance troupes, the first step is to come along and experience the medicine of what we have to offer. Head to the link below to book into and attend one of our bespoke rewilding immersions.

Host an event

If there are no events or troupes in your area and you are keen to host a workshop or retreat, then let’s chat.

We desire to spread this work into the furthest corners of this world, anchoring freedom and empowerment into the collective. We are always open to discussing new opportunities and so if you are feeling a fuck yes in your body to being involved, fill out the contact form below and we can have a chat to see if our vision aligns.

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